Our Quartets

Northwest Harmony is thrilled to have these wonderful quartets associated with us! Take a look!
Each quartet has a style and personality all their own. Our quartets often perform with the chorus, but are available for both small and large individual performances, too! Feel free to contact them using their email addresses below, or through Northwest Harmony at (360) 600-5595 or northwestharmony@gmail.com



4 on floor

Four on the Floor has both a musical and an automotive definition, but the lead of this new quartet isn’t even old enough to drive! Representing more than 56 years of membership in Sweet Adelines, they are passionate about singing and sharing the joy of music. They’d love to sing for you. Just ask them!

Allison, Camille, Hannah & Elissa

Contact: Allison Lew
360-608-1294 / Portland, OR area



Cachet quartet Chrismas 2017

Cachet Quartet: contact Nancy Kurth    503-524-0522    nkurth@msn.com
Judy Larsen, Baritone
Nancy Kurth, Bass
Naomi Caster, Lead
Gail Shelton, Tenor



Anne, Donna, Becky & Kristine

Contact: Donna Ebner
Facebook / 503.317.8016 email

Listen to In Cahoots’ energized renditions of upbeat, fun, rhythmic songs with a driving bass line!  Sit back and be soothed with beautiful love ballads.

In Cahoots is an award-winning, vivacious a cappella quartet that sings an amazing variety of songs that will leave you feeling great.

They have an extensive holiday repertoire (especially Christmas!) that encompasses a wide variety of musical styles. They are in cahoots to harmonize for you, and they love it!




This quartet is always “Up to Something”!

Debby, Ruth, Laurie & B. Gail  Are looking forward to some fun ahead and have a few things up their sleeves. Their “Chicken Heart” Parody package is one example of their craziness! They opened The Trace Adkins  and Mellissa Ethridge  concerts at the Clark County fair the past two years with the National Anthem and performed at the Seaside Acapella festival where they were honored to work with the amazing Deke Sharon.

Their Pirate set just earned them the Audience Choice Award  for Most entertaining at the 2017 Region 13  competition.

They would love to perform for you!   Contact them at 360-609-4677  Facebook    Uptosomethingquartet@tds.net




mirage quartet

Representing Northwest Harmony and Olympia Choruses.

Dena, Amanda, Mary and De





Jane, Suzy, Annette & Kathleen

We have been together since June, 2017. While doing some fun singing at a meeting, three of us thought we sounded pretty good together. We couldn’t sleep that night, so we found a fourth and started rehearsing. The excitement hasn’t stopped!

Although from different backgrounds, our common love of singing is bonding us together as friends. We each have our own “other” talents to add to the quartet. Suzy is definitely the organizer and runs the rehearsals. Kathleen is the financial and creative one for business cards, etc. Jane takes care of our website and shops for costumes with Annette. Annette also takes care of contacting people for singing opportunities, coaching, etc. Each of us has been in quartet previously, but never together. We all sing in the Pride of Portland chorus which makes it much easier to get together.

Our excitement about learning and improving our skills as singers and performers, both individually and collaboratively is inspiring to each of us. We’re also happy about how much joy and fun we have singing together!

Representing Pride of Portland and Northwest Harmony Choruses






Tarry, Lynn, Tamy & Michelle

This quartet is a family affair. Consisting of two sisters and their daughters. Representing Northwest Harmony Chorus.