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The love of music and performing brought us together with a shared commitment to improvement, and the friendships, fun, and food keep us together!

Get ready to have a blast with Northwest Harmony! We’re not your average women’s chorus—we’re a dynamic group of performers who know how to bring the excitement! We sing a capella 4-part harmony in the lively barbershop style, the epitome of American musical artistry. We’ll have you grooving and singing along in no time!

But that’s not all—our performances are off the charts! From private shindigs to public spectacles, we’re always rocking the stage with our captivating melodies. And guess what? We love a little friendly competition too! Every year, we go head-to-head in a regional chorus showdown, pushing ourselves to new heights of singing and performing excellence.

Joining Northwest Harmony is like gaining a whole squad of amazing friends. We’re all about supporting each other and creating a vibrant, musical family. Plus, the opportunities for personal and musical growth are endless. It’s a non-stop party of learning, laughing, and unleashing your inner superstar!

So, mark your calendar and join us for our Monday evening rehearsals. Get ready to embark on an adventure that’s full of fun, harmony, and pure musical magic with Northwest Harmony!

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